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   Awakening the Dream

"Yes I want to participate in the introductory and preparatory immersion."


Please send your information below and in the subject or message please specify which of the dates you are seeking to participate in. Below are your options. Remember, each of the calls are recorded and I will send you a link to where you can download the class to have permanently in your files. You will receive a confirmation letter from me that will have all the details you need to enter the journey.


It is an honor to come together with you  to enliven your dream realms. May you harvest all that serves you continually from this immersion.

December 15th, 18th 8pm-9:30pm est


January 8th, 9th 8pm-9:30pm est



Your details were sent successfully!

Sacred Economy


Sacred Economy


Sacred Economy


Sacred Economy


Sacred economy is something I offer to give you an option to pay what you can. I offer it when I feel called. May you reap from the benefits it gives.

You may also choose to pay through your bank through direct deposit to avoid fees and extra charges which is always a great help to me. Let me know and thank you!

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