178 S. Mason St. Upper Level

Harrisonburg, VA 22801


The Downtown Healing Arts Center


The Downtown Healing Arts Center is the hub for BIJA LLC and a place where independent contractors are sought to rent the space for bodywork, consults, coaching and other therapies.


​If you are looking for more space to offer your services or are starting out your practice, The Downtown Healing Arts Center is a great place to begin doing so. It offers tranquil professional spaces to do your healing work and provides you with the ease of starting immediately without any hassles, long term lease agreements and big start up costs. You will have the option of renting the Earth Room or River Room. A room between both rooms serves as an office for BIJA LLC.

The Downtown Healing Arts Center looks forward to being a hub for many different modalities being offered in the Harrisonburg community and allow for a collective vision towards greater health and awareness to spread in our town.


There are different types of contract agreements that will suit your needs perfectly.  If you would like to visit, have more information on the contract or application, pleast contact Mariza Dovis directly. To check on pricing go to www.downtownhealingartcenter.com.