Massage and Stone Medicine Sessions



Stone Massage and

Sacred Strokes

$75 for 60 min


$90 for 75 min


$105 for 90 min

Pre-Post Session

Life Coaching

$45 for 30 min

$60 for 45 min

Rain Bath Aromatherapy

$65 for 75 min

Integrative Stone Massage focuses on the health and well-being of the body and thus the mind and spirit. Through the training Mariza has received in the last 10 years, she is able to offer a plethora of modalities to suit each client's individual needs.


An integrative approach to the body combining Native American Hot/Cold Stone Therapy, Swedish Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Joint Mobilization, Deep Tissue Massage and Healing Hands can be expected in each session. Specific work is also required when doing a Pre or Postnatal Massage and the massage and bodywork will adjust accordingly. 

Sacred Strokes is a term used to describe certain motions, stroke applications and stone layouts that result in an entire full-body treatment. This is a remarkable series of stone modalities in the hot and cold stone massage industry. In the traditions of the Shaman, every stroke is sacred. We believe that the body is the ‘altar’ we have come to serve. We are the ‘Stone Walkers’ who are trained to bring mobility to the stones.

Sacred Strokes I am certified to offer are Wolf, White Bear, Grandmother Cedar, Rebuilding the Lodge, Buffalo, and Bury The Soul. During a Stone Medicine session time will be added for a stone symbol to be laid.

Pre-Post Session Coaching is available and typical for Chrysalis Life Coaching clients as well. It is natural for the desire at times to be witnessed for processes that are difficult in life or surface while receiving body work. This can be added at any point in a session or before making an appointment. There are times when a deep intention can be set for body work and the process for healing can be received and done as co-creative.

Rain Bath is an ancient form of aroma therapy combined with stones, intended to rebalance the physical through affecting the nervous system with plant oils, aromas, and healing stones of various temperatures. This treatment is a very gentle and non-invasive method of alleviating stress and anxiety, helping to restore balance to the body’s chemistry.

A variety of physical ailments can be affected by the essential oils. A Rain Bath treatment protects, nurtures and enhances the immune system. This is a neurological treatment that assists the body with detoxification, eloquently blending modern science with ancient tradition.

Deep Tissue


$75 for 45 min

$105 for 75 min

Deep Tissue Manipulation is for focused on acute conditions regarding a part of the body that need relief from congestion and adhesions. There is focus and use of trigger point therapies, geothermal gymnastics using stones and manual manipulation of the tissue. There is often some joint mobilization and light stretching to bring greater balance to the deep tissue work.

Lymph Drainage

$145 for 1 hr 45 min

Lymph Drainage Session: This is now being offered and must be given 90 min-2 hours to complete. Lymph movement is one of our greatest gifts to having a healthy and well functioning immune system. Receiving this work offers deep detoxification and renewal to the body and systems for high functionality. It involves, dry brushing, deep smooth strokes, hot stones, castor oil packs and warm towels to finish. There are instances when lymph work is not recommended. Please call if you have any questions. 

*Please read Policies and Procedures before scheduling an appointment.

Mobile Massage and why people want more from their own home...

Mobile massage is a special offering I have for those who seek the privacy and comfort of their own home to provide for themselves the ultimate relaxation and stress free experience. Some enjoy inviting their friends for a day of connection and pampering. Couples have asked to add it to their day for gifting themselves for working apart too much and instead, together they can have a day to together. I have had the pleasure of also bringing my work to the DC, Northern Virginia area one weekend a month and the people continue to ask when I will return. Have your try at this amazing offering where for once you do not have to go anywhere to receive a treat, and rather the treat comes to you.

Mobile Services Fee

90 min $180 per session

The home host can receive $5 off per person they invite to book at their home for services after hosting 3 or more people.

*Depending on some circumstances, extra fees may

incur due to distance needed to drive.







Multiple Session Packages


4  90 min massages$380 ($40 savings)

6  90 min massages $550 ($80 savings)
8  90 min massages $710 ($130 savings)








Office or Events Chair Massage


One Chair Service
$90 per hour


Two Chair Service
$170 per hour


*30 minute break for appointments more
than 3 hours is expected and unpaid.

Contact Mariza Dovis for availability.





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